At the Close

I’ve been meaning to write something like this, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably more productive to record the stuff I’ve been thinking instead of just letting them stew in my head. I think I’m going to make this a collective post, and by that I mean I’ll make incremental edits to it over the next fews weeks or so. I’ll also try a bit harder to make this post more interesting (read work harder at writing) than I have in other posts.

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Project Lamp Progress

Alberto and I successfully implemented hooks to generate large parts of Project Lamp content! Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that seamless (as I originally thought), and I’ve come to the realization on the pains of using a static site generator (SSG).

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Be a Fighter

A little bit of a Sunday morning reflection…. It’s funny to admit that I’ve learned this from playing a Fighting Game, but there is truth and value in “fighting the good fight” until the end and not simply opting to “slide by”.

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Goals for March

  • Implement Landing page for PL in PS
  • Write a chapter in PL site (w/ proper formatting)
  • Finish PL Chapters 1-3
  • Learn a bit of Heroku to make a simple React App
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Week 3 at the Recurse Center

I’m pretty happy with what I got done today despite not feeling all too well when I woke up. I basically just worked on Project Lamp and got most of Chapter 1 done (even though I told myself that I would finish it last weekend).

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Project Lamp is Living

I got to iron out a few details on Project Lamp (PL) with Alberto. It seems that we have already made some decent leeway into the project and look forward to presenting tomorrow at RC (HYPE!!!).

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First Post (hype)

Today, I spent a few hours learning how to configure this site. I learned that there are a few weird things that happen behind the scenes with Jekyll (seriously, some of this stuff is just jacked up), but those are just somethings that I’ll have to get used to/learn (beats having to actually learn how to write the proper HTML and such).

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