Project Lamp Progress

Alberto and I successfully implemented hooks to generate large parts of Project Lamp content! Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that seamless (as I originally thought), and I’ve come to the realization on the pains of using a static site generator (SSG).

We did this by writing a hook for Jekyll, which is the SSG that we’re using to generate the majority of the HTML source code, which is automatically linked with the appropriate CSS and JavaScript. Writing that stuff is rather finicky (and annoying), but it beats having to do things entirely by hand (read kill and yank).

Because of this, I’ve removed all Project Lamp content from this blog.

Nonetheless, things ended up quite nicely, but there are some things that still need to be ironed out. This is just the first step to making the production of book content more intuitive and less painful.

Hoorah. Leggo.

Written on March 6, 2017