First Post (hype)

Today, I spent a few hours learning how to configure this site. I learned that there are a few weird things that happen behind the scenes with Jekyll (seriously, some of this stuff is just jacked up), but those are just somethings that I’ll have to get used to/learn (beats having to actually learn how to write the proper HTML and such).

I’ve also given up on my ardent crusade of never using GitHub Desktop. So far, it’s been quite the relief to actually use a GUI interface for GitHub projects. I do think I would eventually return to my old GUI-less ways once I get used to a few new things.

To end the day, I worked on outlining (at least in my head) the differences between PureScript and Haskell. The list of differences is getting a bit longer than I had originally expected, but it’s still something manageable. Hopefully, as time goes on, the choice to implement Project Lamp using the PureScript compiler doesn’t result in any unexpected pitfalls. Here’s to a good second week at Recurse Center!

Written on February 20, 2017