I recently watched The Avengers: Endgame, the final movie for the aptly called Infinity Saga from the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU). In the same weekend, I visited my family back home in Indiana to attend my youngest sister’s college graduation. TL;DR, I had quite the eventful weekend with a lot of things coming to a close. A weekend of closure, if you will.

As an aside, I’m not planning to spoil anything about Endgame in this post. Now that that’s out of the way, full disclosure, I’m pretty big Marvel fan, and I have been since the beginning of the MCU with the release of the first Iron Man movie. I remembering being in middle school, watching RDJ’s Iron Man for the first time, and being absolutely captivated with how cool the character was. Now, 11 years later, having kept up with basically every proceeding film, it’s nice to see how far things have come. In my own personal life, a lot of things have changed during those 11 years, so seeing my heroes change and evolve alongside, leaves me with quite a warm feeling inside. With Endgame out, it feels like certain parts of my own life have come to their rightful end, at least symbolically.

Attending my sister’s graduation soon afterwards brings more things to a physical heart-warming end. I haven’t had the best relationship with my sister as of late– I believe that last time I spoke to her personally was ~3 years ago which is admittedly quite sad. Nonetheless, I’m more than glad to see her happy and healthy and ready to be almost fully on her own. She’s thriving, taking care of herself and living in her own world in the way that she wants it to be. To my sister, if you somehow find this and are reading this, I always wish you the best.

So, here I am now left to reflect on things, as I usually do. As with everyone else kicking and screaming in the world, the story goes on.


Written on May 6, 2019