For any elm-css project, you will need a minimum of:

  • An elm-html view
  • An elm-css file with the style rules within

If you are using the CLI tool to generate pure CSS from the elm-css files, then you will also need an entry point file. This file will contain a port files : CssFileStructure which will tell the CLI tool which files to create.

It is advisible to use a union type for your style classes, so that they can be typechecked.

Inside here you’ll find 4 files.

  • SharedStyles contains the union type for your style classes. This union type needs to be accessed by the CSS file to apply the styles to the tag name. The view file will also use it for giving the divs the correct class, aided by the namespace creator.
  • HomepageCss contains the elm-css
  • HomepageView contains the views
  • Stylesheets.elm is only the entry point, for use with the elm-css cli tool! It contains no styling, but instead links the Css files with their expected output filenames.